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Naegleria Fowleri notes
Naegleria Fowleri is an ameoba from the pathogenic family, Naegleria. It was identified in 1965, and 55 cases have been reported since its discovery. It is one of the pathogens that causes Primary Ameobic Meningoencephalitis, a disease where an ameoba attacks the white matter in the brain. Naegleria starts in the in the frontal lobe, affecting the emotions, before moving to the occipital lobe and taking out the eyes. It then moves to the brainstem, where it spreads to nerves all over the body, causing intense pain. It then recalls for a full-frontal assault on the brainstem, which controls the heart and lungs. It takes it out, causes a heart attack, kills the patient.
Naegleria Fowleri is found in warm water sources, such as lakes, ponds, rivers and hot springs. Most cases of Naegleria-induced Primary Ameobic Meningoencephalitis are caught from swimming in infected water sources, but drinking from them presents an even greater risk of contracting the ameoba.
The cure for a Naegleria in
:iconlaothedragon:LaotheDragon 0 1
Revolution - Part 6
Chapter 6: The Plague
The ladder led down into what looked like an old chapel. It was not as run-down as the rest of the strange world they were trapped in together, as it seemed to be in rather good condition. Candles burned on either side of the chapel, and at the end of the room was an alter draped in a white cloth. Kado carried Rachel over to it and laid her down gently on top of it. She lay still, with her eyes half open. She had become very pale.
"I'm gonna save you... I promise..." said Kado. "There has to be a cure here somewhere..."
Kado turned around and walked towards the door of the chapel. He turned to Rachel when he reached it, and said
"I'll do everything I can to make sure I find it..."
Through the chapel door, Kado found another deserted, run-down street. There was a library to his left, and a flower garden to his right. Kado turned towards the library, examining the filthy stone walls and chipped stone steps leading to a rotting wooden door hanging on its hinges. A fe
:iconlaothedragon:LaotheDragon 0 1
Common Land Chav Ecology
The Common Land Chav is the most poisonous animal on earth. It spreads its toxins through cigarette smoke, and the stupid uneducated opinions it has about nothing in particular. The Common Land Chav is highly fertile, producing between 3 and 17 children between the ages of 3 and 17. They have short life spans due to their tendency to start heavy smoking and drinking at the age of 14 months.
The Land Chav comes in many different forms, the most common of which being the Hooded Chav (Chavus Hoodus). This type of Land Chav has evolved a hood over its head so no one will recognise it when it performs its daily shoplifting rituals. Another form of Land Chav is the common Black Chav, AKA Ghetto Chav (Chavus Ghettous). The Ghetto Chav has evolved dark skin so that if it is threatened by anything, no matter what the threat is, it can blame the threat on the fact its black. Ghetto Chavs play the race card with their enemies about 1,233,465,029 times in their lifetime, usually of about 20-30 yea
:iconlaothedragon:LaotheDragon 0 2
Autism Stamp - Be Proud by LaotheDragon Autism Stamp - Be Proud :iconlaothedragon:LaotheDragon 23 14 Who cares? by LaotheDragon Who cares? :iconlaothedragon:LaotheDragon 1 0
Revolution - Part 5
Chapter 5: Shinigami's Game
Kado and Rachel stepped out of the alleyway and looked around. The dark street was completely deserted, and wreckage and ruins lay littered around everywhere. It was like a ghost town, as if no one had been here in hundreds of years, and the town had been left to fall apart. Most of the structures looked weak, and probably would not survive a search. Kado did not want to risk a house collapsing on top of him while he looked through it.
"Shinigami told me there would be clues to tell us where to go next... we just have to find them and figure them out..." said Rachel.
They looked carefully from one end of the road to the other, trying to find a hint of some kind. It was a one-way street, a rusty, bent no entry sign on their left, with a puddle of blood on the road behind it. To the right, the road seemed to stretch on forever into dense fog.
"Maybe we should go right..." said Rachel "Maybe the one-way street is the clue..."
Kado put out his arm to stop her.
:iconlaothedragon:LaotheDragon 0 6
Living in a Fantasy
The world keeps on spinning around me
Life's a long road, with so many turns
What can save me from this never ending nightmare?
I want to get out of here
I want to escape this world
I'm flying away from this spinning life
I'm living in a fantasy
Living in a real world
Hiding in a made up world
Escaping from sorrow and sadness
I'm all alone; no one is here for me
That's why I gotta live my life
In a fantasy
I hear those words everywhere I go
I'm just a walking disaster
So many people keep telling me
I never do anything right
That's why I gotta live in a fantasy
Living in a real world
Hiding in a made up world
Escaping from sorrow and sadness
I'm all alone; no one is here for me
That's why I gotta live my life
In a fantasy
Struggling to fit in
In a world so obsessed with what it thinks is cool
Smoking and drinking and endless sex
I suppose that means you're really cool
If your liver and lungs are falling apart
And you have six kids to support at 15
This world's a truly screwed up place
:iconlaothedragon:LaotheDragon 1 4
Revolution - Part 4
Chapter 4: The Nightmare
"You're alive...?" said Kado, overwhelmed by a mixture of shock and disbelief.
"No... Not technically..." Rachel replied. She seemed rather scared, and this was causing Kado to feel the same.
"Then... am I dead?" Kado asked. Perhaps this was some form of afterlife, or a waiting room to get to the afterlife. Maybe Shadow and Shinigami had killed him, and now he was reunited with Rachel.
"No, you're alive..." said Rachel.
Kado stared blankly at her. If he was not dead, then where was he? And why was Rachel there? His mind was racing with confusion. What the hell was going on?
"This is the Nightmare realm..." Rachel explained "Shinigami's world... he created it to be his own, a world he could control fully without Cirrus' interference. His own private playground... he can call in the dead to be his toys here whenever he wants... that's why I'm here..."
"But why am I here?" Kado asked.
"Shadow combined his hallucination power with Shinigami's world. You're dreaming
:iconlaothedragon:LaotheDragon 1 11
Revolution - Part 3
Chapter 3: Reunited
Kado slowly opened his eyes. He was lying in the middle of a dark, deserted road. He very slowly stood up and looked around. He knew this street; it was where the resistance was based. Looking down the road he saw Lazarus's Bar, but there was something wrong with it. The door was boarded shut, the lights were off, and it seemed like there was no one home. The sky was dark and cloudy, like night time during a storm, yet there was no rain. There was an eerie silence in the air, with no signs of life anywhere. The buildings looked derelict and run-down, like no one had lived there in a very long time.
"Where the hell is everyone...?" he muttered to himself.
He saw something move in the reflection of the street in the window. Kado wheeled around, and saw something moving in the distance. He ran towards the mysterious figure, getting closer and closer. Whoever it was they were running away from him, but Kado was faster. He managed to corner them in a dark alleyway, tryin
:iconlaothedragon:LaotheDragon 1 6
Revolution - Part 2
Chapter 2: Unholy Alliance
As Kado finished his cigarette, he dropped it, and then crushed it under his foot. He was lost in his own thoughts. Kado couldn't keep his mind off Rachel, the first and only girl he had ever truly loved. In his restless dreams, he could still see her dying face. Every night since her death, he had had the same nightmare over and over again. He kept seeing Rachel's death, her funeral, and worst of all, flashes of his life with her before she died. They reminded him of what he had... and what could have been if he had only been brave enough to confess his feelings to her sooner...
A bright flash of light tore him away from his thoughts. He looked around to try and find the source of the flash, but could not see it until it happened again. It was coming from inside a nearby cave, which Kado slowly and cautiously entered. He was walking for a short amount of time, before he finally realised where he was. The Cave of Nightmares... the place he and Rachel had met
:iconlaothedragon:LaotheDragon 1 3
Revolution - Part 1
Chapter 1: On the Run
A whole year has passed since The Infinite One became Emperor. His cruelty and tyranny reign over Draconis, suppressing freedom, silencing the truth. His army of demons patrols every city, every town, every village; even the small settlements have a few guards keeping watch over them. No one is free... no one is safe... the wanted posters up everywhere highlight the names of the resistance leaders, and large letters under the photo highlight the same words for every person "Wanted for treason, Dead or Alive – Large reward for information or capture!" They were all on them: Layo, Lauren, Kado, Adora, Kara, Lazarus, all of them. Draconis was no doubt in its darker days, with no hope left. The fate of not just Draconis, but the entire world, rests in the hands of one girl... who had very little idea of what fate awaited her...
Even though she was wearing a dark cloak that concealed her identity, Lauren still did not feel safe wandering the streets. She liked to
:iconlaothedragon:LaotheDragon 0 7
Revolution - Prologue
All stories must have an ending. As must this one. Draconis is under the tyrannical rule of The Infinite One, his patrols keeping strict suppressive laws upheld. The resistance has been reduced to cowering in the shadows, and has been forced to cut off all contact with Draconis Military Academy so that they won't be discovered. Lauren's family fled to the eastern end of Draconis, hiding from anyone who might wish to use them to find Lauren and the resistance. Kara and Ruby have continued their spying, and can only watch as The Infinite One's army grows ever larger. The only hope left for Draconis is the resistance, led by Layo and Lauren.
This is it. The decisive ending of the story. Prepare for the end.
Draconis Chronicles 3 - Revolution
:iconlaothedragon:LaotheDragon 1 13
Race Against Time - Finale
Chapter 12: Requiem
Layo placed the flowers down gently on the patch of soil in front of Rachel's grave. Time would pass, grass would grow on the soil, and the gravestone would wither away. Time would pass... but Rachel would never be forgotten. Not least by Kado, who was standing away from the group, leaning with his side against a tree trunk, staring out at the sunset. Layo crossed the graveyard, leaving the others behind, and stood behind Kado.
"I'm sorry..." said Layo "If I had known... I would never have sent you out on that mission..."
Kado did not reply. He merely continued staring out at the horizon. Finally, he summed up the effort to speak.
"It's my fault..." he said softly, more to himself than to Layo "She volunteered to go with me... I could have said no... I should be the one being buried today... not her..." Layo did not know what to say. He simply stood behind Kado, taking in everything he was saying. "It wasn't supposed to be like this..." said Kado "I was going to tel
:iconlaothedragon:LaotheDragon 0 5
Race Against Time - Part 11
Chapter 11: Love
The doors to the throne room blew open and The Infinite One entered, flanked by Jorum and Shinigami.  The Emperor stood up, a look of determination mixed with fear on his face.
"Remember me...?" said The Infinite One, an evil smirk on her face.
"I'll die before I surrender to you..." said The Emperor.
"That can be arranged..." said The Infinite One. He fired a bolt of blood red aura from his hand, illuminating the entire room, bathing it in an eerie red glow. The Emperor fell to the floor slowly, landing on his side on the carpeted floor of his throne room. The Infinite One stepped over his body, and sat in his throne. Jorum took the crown from the Emperor's corpse, and placed it on The Infinite One's head.
"Behold..." said Jorum. "Our new Emperor..."
Kado was on his knees on the stone floor of the temple. He held Rachel gently in his arms, one hand under her head, the other holding ont
:iconlaothedragon:LaotheDragon 0 4
Race Against Time - Part 10
Chapter 10: Sorrow
Rachel drew her sword and lunged at Kado, who dodged, the sword swinging within an inch of his throat. He jumped backwards, landing away from Rachel.
"It's me, Kado! Don't you recognise me!?" but his pleas were unheard, the mind control spell was too powerful. Rachel lunged at him once again, slicing the sword down, just missing Kado as he dived out of the way. Kado activated his invisibility reflex, and disappeared, unseen.
"I don't think so!" said The Infinite One. He cast another spell, and Kado suddenly reappeared! His invisibility reflex had been disabled! He dodged again as Rachel tried an upswing slice, this time missing him by about a foot.
"Come on Rachel, snap out of it!" Kado begged, but it still wasn't working. She still continued to attack him. Kado didn't know what to do, he couldn't fight back, he would NEVER hurt Rachel in a million years! He needed to find a way of breaking the spell. Then it hit him.
Kado lunged at The Infinite One, and punched him
:iconlaothedragon:LaotheDragon 0 4
Race Against Time part 9
Chapter 9: The Temple of Thornheart
There it was. Just ahead of them in the distance was The Temple of Thornheart. They were so close now.
"We're almost there..." said Kado.
"I can't believe it... after all we've been through, it's finally going to end..." said Rachel.
Inside the temple was a large, dimly lit chamber. A single ray of sunlight shone in from a hole in the ceiling, illuminating a plinth, on top of which rested The Dagger of Thornheart. They slowly moved forwards, the anticipation gripping their very souls. Rachel reached out and picked up the dagger, holding it in her hands.
"It's beautiful..." she said.
Through the hole in the ceiling, an all too familiar shadow was cast over them. They looked up to see The Infinite One floating slowly down. He landed in front of Kado and Rachel, staring them right in the eyes.
"Won't you two just die already?" he said, a hint of anger in his voice "You're making me look bad!"
"Give it up!" said Kado "We have the dagger now! We can kill
:iconlaothedragon:LaotheDragon 0 2


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